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Relaxing on your patio or entertaining aroundyour pool deck is a real reward. VRN Masonry can design you a stone or brick patio that offer comfort and easy maintenance, too. A stone or brick decking for your pool add value to your home and is easier to keep up then concrete.

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When it gets warmer lots of families want to be outside. Is your backyard ready? We can help you get inspired. We can turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis and the perfect entertainment place. Let us design you the patio or deck you have been planning. We can offer you intricate stonework, dazzling colors, and intriguing patterns. VRN Masonry has designed and built a variety of patio projects.

These are just a few of the stone work services we offer:
  • Stone Patio Construction
  • Brick Patio Construction
  • Above Ground Pool Patios
  • In Ground Pool Patios
  • Hot Tub Patios

Should your project be a Brick or
Stone Patio or Deck?

Here are some reasons to use one or the other depending on your style and your type of home:

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Stone offers a different look than a brick patio.

  • Stone patios have a uniqueness, and can have more sophisticated appearance.
  • Stone is one of the hardest, long lasting materials. It also can hold up to more wear and tear than other materials like wood.
  • Compared to a wood deck, stone patios require very little maintenance. A simple washing away of dirt is all that is needed.
  • Stones can be cut to nearly any shape and made any color you desire. You can be creative and design a diverse array of patterns and shapes.

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Brick patios are a popular and come in a large variety of designs.

  • Bricks has been used as for a building material for centuries. It can give your home a classical feel. It makes a positive impression on guests.
  • Bricks versatile when it comes to design and can be used in a number of different patterns, incliding; rectangular, square, or circular to accommodate any style.
  • Brick's hardness allows it to withstand constant traffic and harsh weather while retaining its color longer even through extreme sunlight conditions.
  • Brick patios are simple to repair. You simply remove cracked bricks and replace with a new ones.

We provide services to the Montgomery County, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area. Call us today to discuss your project and we come out to give you a no obligation free estimate.

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